Fleet & Crew

Jovial World is an experienced motorcoach company specializing in private transportation needs and travel/tourism operations.


We take pride in our team of drivers who tout over 15 years of large vehicle experience and we recruit them to provide hands-on training to new drivers within the company. As a result, our drivers among the best in the industry. We strive to continue to uphold our record and reputation of operating at the highest possible standard.


Our fleet of buses are impeccably well maintained and clean. In addition to the dependable maintenance services that we regularly perform on our buses, we also consistently spend on improvements and investment in each bus to maintain the safety and quality of our motorcoaches. Safety and comfort is our top priority.

Bus Photo_C2045_shine
Bus Photo_C2045_seats2
Bus Photo_C2045_seats
Bus Photo_C2045_angle2
Bus Photo_C2045_angle
Bus Photo